Photo Gallery

Conditions of Use

You may use this photo library subject to the following conditions of use.


Kanazawa City has the copyright of the image data under the Copyright Act and international treaties.
The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the image data are not transferred to users.


• The image data can be used in order to advertise the sightseeing of Kanazawa. The data can be modified as well.

• If the image data is used for paper media, describe "Photo credit : Kanazawa City" under the photographs, and Kanazawa City hopes to have a copy of the finished prints.

Prohibited Matters

• The use of the image data for commercial products, the great portions of commodity value of which are produced by the image data, regardless of whether the image data is modified or not.
- Example : Calendars and picture postcards

• The rental, sale, or transfer of the image data to third parties.
- Example : An image data collection

• The use of the image data for purposes offensive to public order and morals or acts that defame third parties.

• Use of the image data for mailing lists, mail magazines, or other purposes that transmit the same mail messages in large quantities.