Kanazawa Catle/ Ishikawamon-gate

 Kenrokuen Garden

 Asanogawa River

Spring (March to May)

Cherry Blossom Viewing (Cherry Trees in Bloom) : Early in April

Japanese people realize the coming of spring with the blooming of cherry trees.

Cherry trees are found everywhere in Kanazawa. When the cherry trees blossom out all at once in April every year, the streets are wrapped in light pink, and people beam excitedly and go out for cherry blossom viewing. Kenrokuen Garden is open to public free of charge for about ten days during the blooming period.

The cherry blossom is lit up after sunset. Therefore, people can go for cherry blossom viewing at night as well. The Ishikawamon Gate of Kanazawa Castle, the riverbanks near the Asanogawa Ohashi Bridge, and Mt. Utatsu are also known as major cherry blossom viewing spots. People can stroll around the areas and enjoy the cherry blossom in harmony with the scene of historical buildings.