Kanazawa Geigi (Geisha)




Enjoy Geisha Performances to the fullest in the Higashi, Nishi and Kazue-machi chaya Districts

Characterized by their lattice windows, these lovely old wooden Geisha houses have been well preserved. Geishas in Kanazawa value their customs and ceremonies, handed down from generation to generation since the feudal era. Refined dance performances and the playing of various musical instruments have also been handed down.

Usually almost every Chaya (Geisha house) will refuse service to clients without an introduction. However, more casual events are also held, allowing anyone to enjoy Geisha singing and dancing.

Lessons on how to play the Ozashiki Daiko drums are also given. Why not organize a tour to Kanazawa and enjoy the sophistication of Geisha culture? In September the Kanazawa Odori is held. All Geishas from the three Chaya Districts give sophisticated and refined performances on stage.