Assortment of Sushi

 Amaebi shrimp

 Zuwaigani crab

Must-eat in Kanazawa is seafood

Fish and shellfish of the Sea of Japan are delicious in winter, in particular. A ban on crab harvesting is lifted on November 6 in Ishikawa Prefecture and crimson crabs are seen at shop fronts in the Omi-cho Market. In Kanazawa, the male snow crab is called "zuwaigani" and the female crab, which is twice as small, is called "kobakogani."

Late in November, when it becomes cold and many thunders are heard, matured yellowtail appears on the market. Buri daikon, made from yellowtail boiled with daikon radish is especially delicious. Kabura-zushi, which is made by cutting turnip into round slices that are pickled in salt, is famous as a specialty of Kanazawa. Salted yellowtail fillets are sandwiched between the pickled turnip slices, and pickled with a mixture of rice and rice malt.

Thanks to the delicious fish and shellfish, there are many sushi shops and sushi-go-round bars in Kanazawa, and the delicacy the sushi has obtained nationally high evaluation.