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Shikki is called "japan" in English. As its name suggests, shikki is a typical handicraft of Japan. Japanese lacquer is repeatedly applied to processed hard wood, such as cypress and zelkova wood, to complete shikki.

The Maeda family, who ruled the Kaga Clan (the present Ishikawa and Toyama areas) in feudal times, invited a master artisan early in the 17th century. This master artisan introduced Kanazawa Shikki. Japanese lacquer has an adhesion function. Therefore, a picture or pattern is drawn on the surface with gold powder, silver powder, and seashells put onto the surface. Kanazawa Shikki, which has splendid decoration, has been developed as furniture and artistic handicraft articles for the lord.

Besides, although shikki is weak to direct rays or dryness, it resists water and heat, and its gloss deepens while it is in use.